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Passion is what we are all about. We believe our work should be a reflection of our passions and ambitions. Situated at the intersection of art and technology, we design and develop each product with meticulous care and genuine attention to detail.

Ease isn't the goal; excellence is.Ed Catmul

We love making films. Whether capturing memories of a wedding, defining and promoting a brand, or shooting a music video, we strive for the perfect blend of artistic beauty and technical brilliance.

Apple's iOS and OS X platforms provide us an ideal way to create a flowing and intuitive user experience for internal business solutions and public apps on the app store.

Our design and development team has years of experience with the web. As in all projects, our websites and web apps are all custom; built specifically for the needs of the client.

Both web development and app development provide a blank canvas that opens a door to incredible expression and creativity. But unlike web development, which is limited by browser support and bandwidth, app development can be built to perfection. The ability to control the user experience from start to finish opens endless possibilities. Designing and developing an app is a fun and exciting experience and we invite you to get creative. Is there a way you could increase productivity where you work? Have you thought of an awesome game that needs to be played? We can work with you to build your app no matter where the idea comes from! Below is some of our work you can download from the App Store.

  • In this simple, addictive game, all you need to do is find the red dot as many times as you can before the buzzer. Just don't touch the blue ones!

  • See what any camera sees to make important choices before you film. Swipe through your own set of lenses and sensors, or pinch to quickly view any focal distance, crop factor, and aspect ratio.

  • Turtle Club

    The official app of the International Association of Turtles, providing a digital membership card that displays each member's legacy as well as the full induction process.

  • In the Works

  • Aperia

    Get ready for our new logic puzzle - it will be in beta testing in the next few weeks, so let us know if you'd like to try it out!

  • Fundamentals of Baseball

    Coach Mike Roberts will take your game to the next level with these techniques and drills.

Check out some of our web projects! We design and build fully custom websites to best suit our clients' needs and desires. In addition to great websites for all screen sizes, we also create easy-to-use admin interfaces to enable each client to update content independently.

The increasing demand for an internet presence has caused a massive shift in web development. Convenience has trumped creativity, turning the web into a series of modified templates. Tools like Wordpress have allowed the average person to publish content using a plethora of themes, but severely limit what a website can be. “Custom” designing a website is now no different than “custom” designing a car — you can change the color and accessories, but your goals must fit within some pre-defined model.

But what about plugins? Wordpress offers countless plugins created by countless people to allow you to give your theme that custom feel. Unfortunately, these bells and whistles often turn sites into complex conglomerations, filled with unknown dependencies, and don’t always play well together. Furthermore, dropped support for these plugins can ruin the user experience and break your site entirely.

This is not how designing a website should work. Instead of shaping content to fit into an existing template, the overall goals and purpose for the site should define a structure and layout to accomplish those goals. A truly custom site can take advantage of all the web has to offer. No Wordpress. No plugins. Only built-from-scratch code with a specific purpose, providing you with the best web presence possible. This is how we design and build websites.

We also provide custom content management systems to make your site easier to manage than your Facebook page. If you are passionate about what you do, and want a truly custom web presence to reflect that, contact us and we would love to start working with you!